Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Burj Al Arab with Elina

It’s been a very long while since I posted on my blog. My life has been busy always extending time working ugggh…Today even if I’m not feeling well this is my perfect blog time...

March 22, 2011... sooooo excited to go with our appointment with Ms. Yulia of Burj Al Arab. This is about work pero of course samantalahin na ang pagkakataon to have some photo moments :) First time ko na naman to experience this hays thank God for this opportunity. Kakaenjoy magwork kung paminsan minsan may ganito hehehe:) Dati fine dining at Burj Khalifa and now Burj Al Arab. You have to get a pass before entering the gate medyo strict pala sila muntik na kaming di makapasok buti na lang I called up Ms. Yulia and they allowed us to enter.

Here yah go guyz...

So long till my next blog! Cheers!!!

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