Saturday, February 23, 2013


The only constant in this world is changed. True! High school and college life well I don't have any interest in makeups.. Pressed powder with tint and I'm ok with it... Kapag may special occassions I have to ask pa who know how to do the makeup thing. Now i don't know pero im super fond and inlove na and I'm starting to learn how to put makeup on by reading blogs and watching vlogs which I find it interesting and useful! I'm not a pro pero I can do it na on my own kahit simple lang...

I am an online shopper and I bought this Victoria Secret Super Model Makeup Kit (15 must-haves for eyes, lips and face). Practical kasi reasonable naman ang price coz it comes with a perfume. Bongga na!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time is Gold! Watchahollic Princess👸

Hi there blogger friends! I'm back! It's 2013 and let's feel the love & lite of the year of the snake! Mind Power! There are so many things to look forward to!

I'm pretty sure sissy Jen would love to see this coz I know she's also addicted to watch!

I have a new love now and I think it's gonna be my forever fave... #new guess watch! Hahaha good luck for the next better one Lolz! Check this out friends! I love my new fave stuffs! I'm so happy looking at them! So classy and fabulous✨✨✨

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inspirational Poem! Hello 2013!

Time of Your Life
Do you reflect upon the years gone by
as you prepare for yet one more,
with promises and resolutions
that you have made before?
Do memories of people and places
once as sharp as any knife
now blend in bits and pieces
in a kaleidoscope of life?
Do you squander precious minutes
seeking reasons why you're here, 
contemplating your life's purpose
year after passing year?
Persuade yourself to understand,
it matters not the reason.
Your purpose is to seize the life
in every passing season!
Learn to see things differently.
Let your thoughts and actions change.
Allow your views of past and present
to slowly rearrange.
Let your spirit start anew;
become focused and aware
of the moments and the blessings
that surround you everywhere!
Do not permit past memories:
the where…the who…the how
to become more important
than the ones you’re making now.
Live life in person;
inhabit every day.
You may not like where you are now,
but you’re there anyway!
A lifetime is a puzzle,
every failure, each success
adds another jagged piece
to fit together with the rest.
To finish the picture
and view the masterpiece whole,
fill the time of your life
with your heart and your soul.
Acquaint yourself with your feelings
and heighten your senses.
Experience living.
Put down your defenses.
You don't have to know why
you are you, and I’m me.
Believe it is what it is
and it’s how it should be.
You did not choose your date of birth,
nor do you know your last,
so live this gift that is your present,
before it becomes your past.
Linda Ellis, copyright 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Days to go.... Fud3ps atbp!!! Suppahduppah kakamiss!!!

These are the foods and things that I'm longing to taste and experience once again.... Hayyys... can't wait! Nakakatomejones=)) Simple things but it will make my journey complete:)