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Do's & Dont's in UAE

T.G.I.F.!!! Time moves so fast… One day off is over… Got up at 12 noon… had hot & spicy pancit canton with egg as my brunch. After cleaning the washroom we watched our all time fave teleserye show “Mara Clara” and “Imortal”. It’s 8:14 PM my time to spend writing on my blog.
Sissy Jen and our conversation in FB comments...:)

I was inspired by my friend Jen to write this topic on my blogspot. I was looking at her new shared photos on FB. Personally I love her outfit and I find it very sexy and attractive but the first thing that popped out of my mind was… “Are these kind of outfit allowed to wear in the office?” Then I drop down a comment on her FB pic. Here is our conversation goes:
Misaki Chan tekti mo sissy...:)
Jen Navayra thanks sissy... every Friday kasi we can wear anything. nag-uulan din kasi dito kaya ganyan lang sinuot ko...
Misaki Chan love it... nice outfit! dito di pede yan:)) at least jan carry lang...
Jen Navayra speaking of hindi pwede... i-blog mo nga sis next time yun topic about dont's in Dubai... curious lang ako... may nabasa na ako sa blog ni Giselle Sanchez but of course that was her own experience (yong tipong people like me should know since hindi pa naman ako naka-punta ng Dubai).
Misaki Chan i'll do that sis nice topic... thanks sa suggestion... mwaah!
Jen Navayra no worries sissy... it just popped up out of my mind... good luck on your next blog.
Misaki Chan thanks sissy... :)

Well Sissy now your curiosity will be answered. I hope this helps.
FYI gals and pals… there are 7 emirates in the UAE w/c are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most well-known emirates because these are open cities compared to other emirates. Despite its modernity, Dubai still strictly follows Islamic laws and traditions which should be respected by all travelers.
If you have plans visiting UAE even any other countries, it is always wise to know the Do’s and Don’ts. Here are some tips I got this source from DWTC.
·         Make sure you have a valid passport and a visa to enter any emirate of UAE. You should have Xerox copies of your passport, visa & other important travel documents, keeping them separate from the originals.
·         Leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home so that you can be contacted in case of emergency. Also keep a list of UAE emergency phone numbers always with you.
·         There are no major health concerns or specific vaccinations required to UAE. However, you are advised to check the current health warnings prior to your departure.
·         Change your money only from authorized moneychangers or banks in Dubai. As there are no currency restrictions in the UAE, all major world currencies can be exchanged, with several internationally renowned bank and hotels.
·         Always drink bottled water that is easily available everywhere in UAE. Tap water is desalinated and safe for drinking, but drinking bottled mineral water is advisable.
·         Taking of photographs can be sensitive; ask permission and avoid areas (airport, military cams, official buildings etc.)
·         Respect local cultures and traditions of UAE, and never to make a mockery of local traditions. Avoid commenting on dress of the local people.
·         Indulge in some haggling while buying goods without price tags whenever you go shopping in UAE.
·         Use sunglasses and sun cream, as sunburn is common in UAE and heat sometimes can be unbearable.
·         Always be careful of the belongings you carry with you during your holiday.
·         Don’t eat in public during Ramadan. During Ramadan all Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, and eating, drinking and smoking in public areas during daylight hours should be avoided.
·         Don’t carry any drugs in the UAE. It may invite/cause a death penalty.
·         UAE is an Islamic country and so avoid tight and exposing clothing. Women should particularly wear modest clothes. Women should dress sensibly and avoid wearing revealing outfits when in busy areas like going to some districts in Dubai (Karama, Deira and Bur Dubai) where the streets are packed with men especially on evenings and weekends. Swimsuits and bikini’s are a common sight on Dubai beaches, avoid sunbathing topless or wearing micro bikinis even in the private beach of a hotel.
NOTE: Women are not allowed to swear swimwear on public beaches in Sharjah.
·         Avoid photographing Muslim women and do not photograph airports, docks, telecommunications equipment, Government buildings, and military and industrial installations.
·         Don’t behave in a manner that might insult Muslim customs or beliefs. Don’t swear as you can get fined and sent to jail.
·         Don’t use your left hand while greeting or handling over things to people.
·         Don’t bring alcohol or pornography to the UAE. Videos and books are often checked and maybe retained by customs officials.
·         Don’t participate in local demonstrations.
Being an expat in the Dubai UAE, I can still consider that I am fortunate because compared to other GCC countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar these countries are more than strict. Women are not allowed to wear ordinary clothes showing their skins. They have to wear traditional clothes for women called “Abaya”
Sissy Jen I hope one day you can also come and explore UAE and it’s my ultimate dream to visit you there as well so we could bond and spend time together. You know naman we love to travel anywhere. (pag-iipunan..:) kung gusto may paraan right?)
Oooppss!!! I’m done bye for now wait for my upcoming posts “more about Dubai tourist destinations. (hik … hik… hik…) I’m a bit sleepy coz’ while blogging Ate Sol shared a drink of Bacardi Breezer, Tropical Watermelon flavor.:)) Cheers!!!
Sponsored by Ate Sol.. Thanks!!! Rapsa Swakto ang lasa!:)

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