Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pizza Express The Best!!!

Thursday!!! Its last day of work but why am I so loaded? What am I doing in the office at 7:30 P.M.? Well I guess it has to be like this at times. Still have to be thankful coz I got the chance to accompany Mr. Sergio of Siemens one of our Suppliers from Italy. It was fun and interesting talk though we both felt so tired for the day. We dropped him first in Ascot Hotel. I reached Satwa I think around 9:30 P.M. of course thanks to my boo who waited for so long at the bus station. Thanks also to Majeed our driver for the drop off to Satwa. Gosh it’s such a long and tiring day and we haven’t got any dinner yet. Kuya Lands, Kuya Marvs and Ate Sol had cooked dinner but of course Me and Ate Sol are really excited to get our free of charge PIZZA!!! Hahaha!!!In fact I even called my colleauge Prashant to confirm the location. We decided to go to Pizza Express in Jumeirah to claim our complimentary Margherita Pizza (tomato, sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil. Pure and Simple yet mouthwatering!!!) Thanks to Ate Sol for sharing the link and for giving a Smirnoff drinks.:) Pizza + Smirnoff = A Perfect combination indeed!

Pizza Express!!! Luv it!
Margherita Pizza
Pure and Simple Margheritta available @ Pizza Express UAE
Thanks ate Sol for sharing the info.!!! Can't wait to start my bite!  Hahaha!
Photo taken by Mr. Marvin Sorosoro... Thanks kuya marvs!
Chums register and experience the delightful taste of Margherita Pizza, you can also have some pasta but you have to purchase it!:) If I were you be frugal take this once in a lifetime opportunity.***WINK*** Follow this link and register yourself! After registration just print the Pizza Express Voucher to claim you’re very own Margherita Pizza at no cost. Guys enjoy! Bon Apetite!

registration success! (
Voucher to claim...
 Pizza Express The Best!!!

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