Friday, January 14, 2011

My super DFF Mocha

I can still remember the day I first hold my DFF named Mocha.. She was given by a college friend Meldy (That was year 2002 after our graduation)…
Belt @ 1 month

Our very own BELT

Actually I am really fond of dogs, we had a puppy before but it died young. It’s a sad memory coz we haven’t spent a longer time with that puppy. Then the day I went to my friend’s house I saw cute little puppies and ask her to give me at least one. Without hesitations Meldy gave two puppies for me (Mocha and Betty) I gave Betty to my cuz. So the only puppy I got is Mocha.
The day I took her at home was a big change… There is always a reason to smile becoz of her… she’s a sweet and a smart puppy… Me and MJ my youngest sis were really fond of her… we treated her as our own Super DFF Mocha. She eats whatever foods we eat…  Zillion memories with my DFF is unremarkable. She’s very sweet, fun and a best buddy.
We cannot control everything in this world… but everything happens for a reason. My DFF mocha past away last July 10, 2010. It’s very hard to accept that she’s gone but I have to face the reality.
Mocha's Tomb in our garden....
I am still thankful for the 8years we had spent together… and she still remain in our heart forever… Her son Mocha is the only puppy I got when I look at her son Bel I can still feel my Super DFF ‘s existence.

What r u thingking of Moch???

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  1. apology to Ms. Janina... we're just trying to have fun with our puppy... ^^ peace..:)