Monday, January 24, 2011

My Bestfriend Forever!!!

I have zillion of friends but you can only count with my fingers those whom I trusted as I called them my bestfriends. One of them is my Best friend Jeniffer Aguirre Escobal. She was my classmate in 1st year high school we became close friends but I was transferred to other section when I was in 2nd year till I graduated in fourth year high. Since then, we only got a chance to say hi and hello every time we see each other somewhere in the school.

DLSU-D SY-1998-2002
I believe that we’re meant to be as Best friend’s coz’ after such a long period of time we’ve seen each other again in the same University, same course and section. Serendipity!!! I consider it as a blessing because she influences my life to be a good friend, sister and a daughter. Our friendship keeps stronger and deeper despite of our differences. But somehow we also have common interests like anime, dogs, movies, foods.

Dairy Queen (our all time fave blizzard)
we're certified dogsters!!!
Anime maniacs!!!

Dabarkads paborito @ DLSU "jefcees canteen" cream puff

chockies yum yum
sweet kisses so tamis!!!
When it comes to looks as others normally noticed her height, complexion, and appearance are totally opposite of mine (LOL!=))) but of course she loves me for what I am. On that first day of class in June I marked that day as the start of our good friendship and thank God that we are still best friend though we’re million miles away from each other.

miles away - from US - UAE
I am not saying that our friendship is perfect, there were those time that she doesn’t want to talk to me and so do I, you know we have some rough roads as well and I truly consider it as a test for our friendship and as a result we remain loyal and true to each other. Her family treated me as one of their own and I will forever treasure all the memories that we’ve shared. I can still remember the day we wanted to go to Puerto Galle in Mindoro both Mama and Papa (Her parents) didn’t allow us to go. Still we went to the beach, Mama and Papa were really upset of what we did and when we went back home both of us were scolded. We both know the consequences but we are stubborn and we had escaped (hahaha very memorable one). The most important is we’ve learned our lesson. I missed the sleepovers at their house eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with the whole Aguirre’s family. These are just few blissful memories that I would never ever trade for anything.

Chip N Dale with sis Joyce @ HK Disneyland
nice mickey
with best @ makati
@ HK Disney "The Golden Mickeys"
winter time in HK Disney
Best friends are like stars, sometimes you can't see them, but they're always there. Just like her, we barely see each other, no matter how far the distance is, she will be a best friend and a true sister to me forever. Now that it is her special day, I want to thank my Best for bringing out the best and loving the worst in me. I really miss her presence. I wish she’s just near beside me. I wish we could bond together again. I love her forever! I’m forever thankful for the wonderful friendship we have! Our friendship is a treasure to keep.


  1. I'm crying now after I read this Best! So touching...You make me cry on my birthday.. I'm reminiscing right now. I miss all the moments we laughed, we cried, we joked around and shared our problems together. This is the special gift I received. Thank you so much for your effort for making this! No matter what happened you will be my best friend forever and my sister as well and always in my heart. Actually, I was waiting for your post and I didn't expect that you will make me a very special gift "a blog". I love you best and sis!

  2. Hi best thanks for the comment! Luv yah! Keep smilin' keep shinin' knowin u will always count on me for sure that's what friend are for.. In good times and bad times I'll be on your side forever more... Mwaah! Missing you best!